A webquest in teaching circulatory system using google site for grade VI pupils

Monera A. Salic-Hairulla, Lea May L. Agad, Daryl Jean A. Pitonang, Tyra Faye B. Terrado


This study aims to determine the performance of the respondents in using the developed WebQuest in Google Site. This study used the quasi-experimental design method making use of pretest-posttest design. The developed teaching instruction was implemented among 30 Grade 6 Elementary pupils, while 30 pupils experienced the traditional lecture method. The pupils were selected among public schools enrolled during SY 2016 - 2017. Furthermore, the result of the study showed that there was a significant improvement in the respondents’ conceptual understanding in the concept of the circulatory system. Moreover, the results also showed that there were differences between the post test scores of control group and experimental group. This strongly concludes that the WebQuest is really an effective tool in teaching the circulatory system. Respondents also revealed that the Google Site was enjoyable, entertaining, interactive and easy to learn.


Google Site, circulatory system, developed instruction, WebQuest

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