Visual Perception Of Kuda And Sila Service Techniques In Sepak Takraw

Mohamad Razali Abdullah, Saidon Amri, Pathmanathan K. Suppiah


Two major types of services in sepak takraw are kuda and sila services. Even though both services are delivered at high speed, each is composed of different kinematic features. The purpose of the study was to determine the fundamental differences in perceptual strategies in anticipating the kuda and sila services. The receiver of the game in sepak takraw makes decisions under severe time constraint in both spatial and temporal uncertainty. The study examined two groups of 12 players each; the experts and the novices. Perceptual displays in anticipation of the kuda and sila services were prompted using video stimulations consisting of seven temporal occlusions t1 (240 milliseconds at pre-contact), t2 (160 milliseconds at pre-contact), t3 (80 milliseconds at pre-contact, t4 (0 millisecond at contact), t5 (80 milliseconds at post-contact), t6 (160 milliseconds at post-contact), and t7 (no occlusion). Significant differences amongst expert players in anticipating kuda and sila services were at t1 F (14, 180) = 2.37; p < 0.05], t2 F (14, 180) = 5.60; p < 0.05], t3 F (14, 180) = 3.81; p < 0.05] and t4 F (14, 180) = 2.00; p < 0.05]. Similar comparisons at t5, t6, and t7 did not yield any significant differences. In addition, there were significant differences amongst novice players in anticipating kuda and sila services at t2 F (14, 180) = 2.27; p < 0.05], t3 F (14, 180) = 1.94; p < 0.05], t4 F (14, 180) = 2.61; p < 0.05], and t5 F (14, 180) = 9.38; p < 0.05]. Overall findings revealed that expert players found it more difficult to anticipate kuda service compared to sila service at t1. Hence, the kuda service is more difficult to anticipate than sila service. Participants of this study demonstrated a more effective visual perceptual strategy to counter attack a sila service than they would with a kuda service.


kuda service; sepak takraw; sila service; visual perception

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